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The Rainbow Bridge - Pet Funeral Service
for Wiesbaden, Mainz and Rhein-Main area


I offer you following performances with my pet funeral service:

  • Bereavement counseling (e.g. on the last way to the veterinary)
  • Pick-up your pet at your home or at the veterinary
  • Individual counselling and personal support
  • Transfer to the pet crematory in Darmstadt 
  • Collective or single cremation
  • Return of the ashes (for single cremation)
  • Official cremation certificate (for single cremation)

You will not find a price list on this website. My performance is too individual. The prices depend on your location and/or the location of your veterinary, depending on where I should pick up your pet and to where I should deliver the ashes.


I will make you a detailled offer after having discussed your special wishes personally with you. This also includes the choice of an appropriate urn according to your wishes.

Here you can find an overview about available urns:


Urn catalogue